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Are all physical and emotional injuries a result of your thoughts and feelings?

What is Psycosomosis?

What causes ill-health? and what are the causes of good health? It’s generally accepted that many of the effects of both poor and good health are initially caused by an experience, a thought or feeling. Health experts call this the mind getting in the way of the body. The scientific name for this is psychosomosis. Some scientists say up to 50% of all illnesses are psychosomatic others say 75%, some of the metaphysical practitioners say that all illnesses are psychosomatic, that it stems initially from the mind. Why? well science has a way of not being able to explain any phenomenon. As an example no one can explain energy, no one can explain light, no one can explain how a cut heals, well they can explain the effects of it but why? how do the cells merge? what causes that? scientists can’t explain why a cold flares up of the reason for the cold in the first place. No one can explain gravity, all the scientific community can do is describe the effects.

Can attitude keep you healthy despite all bad health habits?

let’s explore this theory. Lets look at psychic healers, faith, raki etc they can actually heal the person they are concentrating on. How? there’s an apparent energy that’s some how exported from the healer to the subject, then the subject appears to be cured of whatever the illness, ache, or pain might be. When we describe the effects of an illness these effects are obvious. In the case of a cold it’s the sniffles, blocked nose etc. In the case of healing the effect is the negation of the discomfort. In some cases the discomfort even though seemingly chronic can disappear. And even though these symptoms of discomfort may have appeared years before, this transfer of energy from the healer to the subject disappears. why? whats happening? They say that germs cause illness, well that’s not enough! yes they have a mechanism to create the discomfort, but they’re involved in the atmosphere of everyone. We all breathe in air contaminated with germs. If someone coughs or sneezes in a crowed trillions of germs are unleashed into the air and in many cases are inhaled. Why doesn’t everyone in the area become ill? it’s not enough to simply say that germs cause illness!

The envelope analogy

Metaphorically speaking each body has a germ proof enclosure, an energy field that we can nickname an envelope. The envelope is a system of immunity that surrounds each person from the top of the head to the bottom of the feet. This envelope is there to protect the body against an attack by the free-floating germs and viruses. Let’s say that this envelope has a specific thickness to disarm the germ community. The natural function of the virus it to multiply and to re-create itself and to do that it has to attack and weaken a cell. Remember all this is metaphorical, lets say these germs testing the strength of the field, find it impossible to enter, grow and die. This envelope not only protects the physical but also the mental. Whenever there’s an extreme attack the envelope thickens in the area that’s being attacked, to ward off the invader. By thickening in one area the envelope thins in others. Normally the individual, even with an envelope of extreme thinness has enough energy to fight off the attack. The envelope is weakened by a great degree by the emotions of the person, for it also protects the mind.

The primary consideration for this protection is the mind! for that could be the strongest area of potential damage. So this means that emotions play an important role in an individual. Still speaking metaphorically, when we have a high emotional state the envelope covers that portion of the mind to protect it. Let’s say that unfortunately a person incurs a death in the family. The emotions experienced during the tragedy weaken that individual mentally, and to strengthen that portion of the person the envelope thickens above the mind. When the envelope is strengthened at the mind it’s weakened through out the rest of the body. So the germs or viruses find easier entrance to the person who is emotionally unstable. When an individual reacts in a certain way too fear or anger, that emotion creates a situation of great stress. More than one emotion comes into play and the envelope still weakens further to the point where occasionally there’s a tear and the germ community can find easy entrance to attack the individual. As long as the weakening effect is there, the person will remain ill. The illness peaks at the restoration of the envelope, then the part that allowed the entrance of the germs thicken. Once again lending support to the good health of the individual.

A headache usually comes when an individual undergoes emotional tension, a dislike of something, a negative view-point, a feeling of being trapped. A lot of the thinning occurs in the proximity of the disturbed area. Headaches and colds are among the first elements to respond to a weakened envelope or energy field. Is it a germ that causes a headache? In this case there’s a straining on the field and it acts in pain. The envelope looks to protect itself keeping itself at a certain thickness to protect the body. The envelope reacts by creating this particular pain as a warning to the individual. It might be saying something like “hey! stop this kind of thinking! Stop this tension that’s causing me (the envelope) stress!”


Can we create our own symptoms of illness?

Some people become so efficient at moving this envelope around that they CAN create their own reality in the form of illness. There are even some people when seem to subconsciously require an illness for one reason or another for example a secondary gain. Some people use their symptoms or illness to get something, either physical or emotional , out of the people they are involved with. Many people may heal from their symptoms with medications operations etc. however if that person were subconsciously using their illness for some sort of sympathy gain or as a form of control over another, and suddenly found that the illness had been removed, that person would subconsciously create more symptoms to use their illness as a form of control over family or social enviroment.

The Medical community through study has found proof that before the onset of a disastrous illness there has been a highly traumatic experience in that individual’s life. A study of terminal cancer going back 18 to 24 months shows that there’s been a high negative emotional experience in that person’s life.

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